Action packed! 

It’s taken us 4 and a half years but we finally managed to plan a family trip back “home” in December, together, for the first time since arriving in Singapore. To say it was awesome is only because I can’t find another word to describe it! 

Time spent with family was super special. Seeing cousins and friends and meeting new family members for the first time. Making new memories and reliving the old. Laughter, tears and festivities galore!  The sights and all things amazing will be treasured forever.

Fast forward back home (to Singapore which is now home), the start to 2016 has been a whirlwind! 

Making up with friends, letting bygones be just that, saying goodbye to dear ones and starting over in other areas is all a part of what has gone on in the last 4 weeks. 

A summary of January goes something like this:

New year celebrations! Singapore friend family dinner to celebrate 2016 again! Spending time with fury friend Milly! New school for my Moo. Travel to Indonesia and missing the bomb blast by 8 hours, designing and putting into production a new line for my 90 day old clothing line, MelBelle! Having my hair straightener blow up in my face. Celebrating a few girlfriends’ birthdays! Making up with an old friend! Letting go! Saying goodbye to a gorgeous friend about to embark on a new life, a new adventure. Lots of emo moments! Saying farewell to another friend who starts her new life with her family in NZ. Choosing ‘booby’ moulds from a Cancer support event only to be told by my darling hubby (DH) that the ones I chose are definitely NOT mine….it’s still a great momento for a great cause. A ‘girls night in’ dancing like crazy people (downing too many shots of patron) more laughter! Rethinking strategies and finding ways to improve business! Stressing about the holiday flab that won’t go away! And the list goes on…its been an action packed January! 

And then, there’s the realisation that there’s so much going on and so much I can’t be a part of or people I can’t be there for,  

 because my life is here.  But, it’s all happening! And it’s all good!

Bring on the year of the Monkey! 

And here’s to February, Chinese New Year…Gong Xi Fa Cai!